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Britain, Germany, France, UN's Global Compact is islamic terrorism CORBYN shariah

While most of the U.K.’s parliament voted to ban Hezbollah in its entirety, Jeremy Corbyn’s party failed to see the need to take action against the internationally recognized terror group.

By: The Tower

The British Labour Party opposed plans by the government to ban the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah in its entirety, charging that Home Secretary Sajid Javid has failed to produce “any clear evidence” why the group should be outlawed, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

Instead, a Labour spokesperson asserted that Hezbollah is “part of the democratically elected Lebanese government” and charged the decision was motivated by Javid’s “leadership ambitions.”

Jeremy Corbyn, the head of the British Labour Party, infamously once referred to Hezbollah as his “friends” and marched with Hezbollah sympathizers on Al Quds Day in London.
In a move that infuriated Labour lawmakers, Corbyn imposed only a one-line whip on the vote that takes place in parliament Tuesday night, meaning that lawmakers – including Corbyn – are under no obligation to vote on the order proscribing Hezbollah in its entirety.

Labour’s statement comes after Javid announced on Monday that the whole of Hezbollah is to become a banned terrorist group in Britain. Parts of the Lebanese-based organization have been proscribed since 2001, with its military wing banned since 2008. The changes are expected to take effect on Friday.

In its explanation of the decision, the Home Office said it can no longer distinguish between the group’s military and political wings. It said Hezbollah “continues to amass weapons in direct contravention of UN Security Council Resolutions, putting the security of the region at risk.”

The statement added that Hezbollah’s seven-year involvement in the ongoing Syrian war “continues to prolong the conflict and the regime’s brutal and violent repression of the Syrian people.”

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo welcomed Britain’s decision. Pompeo said on Twitter it showed that “international unity to confront Iran’s regime continues to grow.

“This Iran-sponsored terrorist group has American blood on its hands & continues to plot & carry out attacks in the Mideast, Europe & around the world,” the secretary added.

Israel’s foreign minister also commented on the move and called for the United Nations to follow suit. “I would like to praise the British government on the decision to recognise the entire Hezbollah organisation as a terrorist organisation,” Israel Katz wrote on Twitter.

The minister said he would discuss the development in an “upcoming meeting with the UN secretary-general in New York next week.”

Mark Hassin10 hours ago

He is an embarrassment to the British people

George Parker Mark Hassin9 hours ago

Make that our entire species. I think rats would be ashamed of him.

Don Spilman Mark Hassin9 hours ago

He is an evil blight on all humanity! Along with all like him! I would be privileged to drop the trap doors on all of them! They are accursed evil creatures!

mgrowolski10 hours ago

I am ashamed to say that Corbyn is british and could possibly be our next prime minister god help this country if he does he is a rancid marxist of the worst order and a disgrace to this fine country UK. And a terrorist sympathiser.

George Parker mgrowolski9 hours ago

Well said my friend.

Grace Joy mgrowolski8 hours ago

If he becomes PM, Britain, Germany, France, & the rest who signed the UN's Global Compact for Regular Migration will become Is lamic. You guys can't let that happen.

evangeline golding Grace Joy8 hours ago

We may not be able to stop it.
Too many moslems, brain dead university students, too many desperate people struggling to survive under the tories (working ones, disabled ones, not just those who can’t find jobs or those who don’t want them).
If they all vote together for whatever reason, it could well put this monster in the driving seat.

mrpoohead Grace Joy7 hours ago

Idiot! Why don't you read what the deal is about instead of making it up.

luis04191 mgrowolski4 hours ago


Alec Becker9 hours ago

This is an evil person who should be taken out of action by the voters.
Britain, Germany, France, UN's Global Compact is islamic terrorism CORBYN shariah

George Parker Alec Becker9 hours ago

Or just some well trained marksman feeling patriotic. Oops, did I think that out loud.
Britain, Germany, France, UN's Global Compact is islamic terrorism CORBYN shariah

evangeline golding George Parker9 hours ago

Oops, yes you did!
But so have many more of us.
There would be a lot of celebrating if it really happened.
Britain, Germany, France, UN's Global Compact is islamic terrorism CORBYN shariah

Nichus Block George Parker6 hours ago

There's more than one way to skin a rat.
Britain, Germany, France, UN's Global Compact is islamic terrorism CORBYN shariah

Don Spilman George Parker7 hours ago

You aren’t the only one thinking like that thank the Lord!

Kornreich10 hours ago

How is it possible that such a vulgar anti-Semite is at the head of the Labour party? Look at those who voted for him, and your conclusion should be easy.

Grace Joy Kornreich9 hours ago

I wonder if he was elected. I think the win of Khan in London was rigged.

One other person is typing…

bigal4u Grace Joy2 hours ago

Postal vote fiddle is how he won!!

agnes losonczi10 hours ago

If anyone still had doubts about corbyn's terrorist sympathies and future intentions considering any alliance, this move of his answers everything.The UK under him would become a terrorist country.

Mary Sygall agnes losonczi9 hours ago

Well said Agnes. God help us if Corbyn gets in. I hope the British people are smarter. I know they are.

mgrowolski Mary Sygall2 hours ago

Unfortunately the Students and others that are all promised this that and the other will vote him. They will tax the people who are providing jobs in this country and they will do what they did in the 60s and 70s they will leave. Seems people in this country never learn from past mistakes

lex10 hours ago

Corbyn is certainly a "comparable" to look at when evaluating "progressive" democrats in the US. Corbyn is just very explicit about his anti-Semitism.

stewartinoz10 hours ago

He is symptomatic of a deviant subversive streak in the UK population. Dontforget Lord Haw Haw and the NAZI sympathisers. There will always be the scum and the dregs who sadly cannot exterminated.

Devasahayam the Deplored • 

Corby reminds me greatly of Zia ul-Haq -- looks evil and is evil!

Peter Cohen Devasahayam the Deplored9 hours ago

Zia was a Fascist Britain, Germany, France, UN's Global Compact is islamic terrorism CORBYN shariah

George Parker9 hours ago

Trots Corbyn acting true to form again. When will the native British people see him for what he really is. A Trotskyite leftover from the days of failed communism. A Cold War traitor; a leader of ANTIFA thugs; friend to terrorist and a rabid pathological antisemite.

Grace Joy George Parker9 hours ago

I bet he's a pedo, too.

"We need to be alert for Western politicians and other opinion formers acting in an unusually pro-Is lamic way. They may have been subverted by participating in petrodollar-funded bacha bazi org ies."

(remove the spaces for the link to work)

crombouke. blogspot. com/2010/01/1.html

Peter Cohen9 hours ago

Corbyn is a terrorist. He would like to see Israel disappear. It ain't gonna happen. Corbyn is insane and belongs in a rubber room. If the British are stupid and racist enough to elect Corbyn Prime Minister, then the US, Canada, Australia and Israel will sever diplomatic relations with Britain. Corbyn is a malignant cancer that must be treated with radiation therapy. Oh, and my apologies to cancer.

Ray10 hours ago

Mr Corbyn, No surprise here..
Anti-Semitic creep ..

izzyi110 hours ago


Tom9 hours ago

Somebody escort that anti-Semitic so and so to Lebanon. See how long he lasts living with

cammo9910 hours ago

"Alleged "suicide and terror attacks
(Partial list)

A smoke cloud rises from the bombed American barracks at Beirut International Airport, where over 200 U.S. marines were killed
Between 1982 and 1986, there were 36 suicide attacks in Lebanon directed against American, French and Israeli forces by 41 individuals, killing 659.[75] Hezbollah denies involvement in some of these attacks, though it has been accused of being involved or linked to some or all of these attacks:[205][206]

The 1982–1983 Tyre headquarters bombings
The April 1983 U.S. Embassy bombing (by the Islamic Jihad Organization),[207]
The 1983 Beirut barracks bombing (by the Islamic Jihad Organization), that killed 241 U.S. marines, 58 French paratroopers and 6 civilians at the US and French barracks in Beirut[208]
The 1983 Kuwait bombings in collaboration with the Iraqi Dawa Party.[209]
The 1984 United States embassy annex bombing, killing 24.[210]
A spate of attacks on IDF troops and SLA militiamen in southern Lebanon.[75]
Hijacking of TWA Flight 847 in 1985,[208]
The Lebanon hostage crisis from 1982 to 1992.[211]
Since 1990, terror acts and attempts of which Hezbollah has been blamed include the following bombings and attacks against civilians and diplomats:

The 1992 Israeli Embassy attack in Buenos Aires, killing 29, in Argentina.[208] Hezbollah operatives boasted of involvement.[212]
The 1994 AMIA bombing of a Jewish cultural centre, killing 85, in Argentina.[208] Hezbollah claimed responsibility.[212]
The 1994 AC Flight 901 attack, killing 21, in Panama.[213] Hezbollah claimed responsibility.[212]
The 1994 London Israeli Embassy attack, injuring 29, in the United Kingdom.[214]
The 1996 Khobar Towers bombing, killing 19 US servicemen.[215]
In 2002, Singapore accused Hezbollah of recruiting Singaporeans in a failed 1990s plot to attack U.S. and Israeli ships in the Singapore Straits.[216]
15 January 2008, bombing of a U.S. Embassy vehicle in Beirut.[217]
In 2009, a Hezbollah plot in Egypt was uncovered, where Egyptian authorities arrested 49 men for planning attacks against Israeli and Egyptian targets in the Sinai Peninsula.[218]
The 2012 Burgas bus bombing, killing 6, in Bulgaria. Hezbollah denied responsibility.[219]
Training Shia insurgents against US troops during the Iraq War.[220]"

One might conclude that Hezballah's terrorist campaign has ebbed in the past few years. However its full participation and war crimes serving under Assad and the Iranians are well documented. Hezballah is also the most heavily armed non government in the region. They were accused by the BBC of committing numerous attacks against Syrian villages since 2013.

Don Spilman cammo997 hours ago

ALL MUZSLIME!!!!!!! Muzslime need killin!

Ron Schwartz cammo998 minutes ago

Well done you for doing your homework.
Unfortunately you can’t cure stupid!

Yosef Chaim10 hours ago

Hezbollah is like the scorpion... take me across the river.. you all know the story, then the scorpion kills the host... Mr Corbyn, in the end you will realize the host doesn't like you...hes using you, no different than bubba the convict will be to Michael Cohen

badu9 hours ago

Allah is Satan and the Muslims throughout the world have been deceived.

Tom badu9 hours ago

preach on brother!!! You're dead on the money correct. All the libs are either oppressed, possessed, or outright demons.

Landshark 006810 hours ago

The left gets loonier by the day.

Mark Popyack Landshark 00689 hours ago

As of this posting , we the USA still have our Second Amendment Rights, too bad about the rest of you guys.

Landshark 0068 Mark Popyack3 hours ago

I live in Malta and have that right as well.

Don Spilman Landshark 00687 hours ago

Evil!!!!! Britain, Germany, France, UN's Global Compact is islamic terrorism CORBYN shariah

Edgarfletcher Fletcher10 hours ago

Corbyn is an evil man. Hezbollah is evil and criminal and the world should band together in opposing them by any and all means necessary

Don Spilman Edgarfletcher Fletcher7 hours ago

Yes the world should but it won’t happen until we can actually recognize exactly who the foul enemy truly is! And it’s hard to get ten people even on this site to agree on that!

AJL9 hours ago

This guy is a real piece of drek.

David Handshoe9 hours ago

He will help destroy the UK

Don Spilman David Handshoe7 hours ago

It’s pretty well ruined NOW isn’t it?

David Handshoe Don Spilman7 hours ago

The entire world including the USA is systematically being destroyed. It seems to be bigger than anyone can stop.

Don Spilman David Handshoe7 hours ago

Well yes you are right of course, I have followed Bible prophecy for many years and like one of my favorite prophecy teachers declares often : “things arent falling apart they are falling into place” Jan Markel. I hate what is going on and I hate the accursed demons of the left and and the muzslime, but I realize they are actually going to win this one, for a short while anyway!

Fuzzy Ashkenazim11 hours ago

Corby the Clown ūü§° has one foot in hell and the other on a banana peel. Once he is no longer a useful idiot of islam he will be performing the headless dhimmi dance.

gonjtonic Fuzzy Ashkenazim10 hours ago

If the Labour party can not or does not want to get rid of the idiot, it means the Labor party is as idiot as the idiot.

Grace Joy Fuzzy Ashkenazim9 hours ago

He may already have converted.

evangeline golding Grace Joy8 hours ago

It’s not unlikely.

Erin Eldridge Fuzzy Ashkenazim9 hours ago

So well put.

Norm Fuzzy Ashkenazim10 hours ago

he may join up with Meghan Markle.

Peter Cohen Norm9 hours ago

That is gross and uncalled for.

Norm Peter Cohen6 hours ago

why ? afraid of the truth ?

Peter Cohen Norm6 hours ago

Meghan Markle has 0 % relevance with Corbyn. Mentioning her is a non sequitur. To compare the two is rubbish and poor taste.

Norm Peter Cohen6 hours ago

comparison is very relevant when they both favour Muslims over Jews.

Don Spilman Fuzzy Ashkenazim7 hours ago

I could drop a noose around their necks and drop the door with no hesitation whatever, they are evil creatures, he and ALL like him!

Robert Khalifa8 hours ago

"a Labour spokesperson asserted that Hezbollah is “part of the democratically elected Lebanese government”

I am laughing so much my sides are hurting. That idiot should speak to my Lebanese neighbor about the "democratically elected" business. Hezbollah's idea of democracy is a knock on your door in the middle of the night ORDERING YOU WHO TO VOTE FOR because otherwise, "members of the family" will be involved "in a car accident"!!!

PJ daniels9 hours ago

CORBYN'S lack of character is his fate. Spineless sickos like Corbyn will shrivel up and blow away WHEN confronted by real leaders.

Anatoliy Ashmyanskiy9 hours ago

Old axiom: Tell me who is your friend and I tell you who are you:).Its about Mr.Corbyn:)

Eliyahu10010 hours ago

A lot of people in Lebanon hate Hizbullah just as much as we Jews do, for their own reasons of course. Many do not like the Hizb's stranglehold over the country.

CK8 hours ago

To not oppose a group committed to killing Jews and destroying Israel, that doesn't bode well for someone like Corbyn who has been routinely--and rightly--called an antisemite.

Tom Dickson10 hours ago

He is Corbra, brother of Lucifer the serpent

Smaug10 hours ago

Ignorance is bliss. Until it turns you into a raging bully like this fool. When is he up for reelection?

evangeline golding Smaug8 hours ago

I don’t think they do re-elections for party ‘leadership’ unless there is a coup of some description, or a no confidence vote win within the party itself. I’m afraid it looks like we’re stuck with this pestilential creature and it’s henchmen until labour either grow a brain (not something they’ve ever shown a single sign of acquiring) or a backbone (ditto), or someone does the right thing and puts it down.

Smaug evangeline golding8 hours ago

Dude, this is Britain we're talking about here. Not Egypt.

evangeline golding Smaug8 hours ago

Firstly, not a dude.
Secondly, the coup thing does happen here. They did it to Margaret Thatcher. They really screwed it up when they replaced her with john major.
Thirdly, most of us are praying someone does the right thing, and quickly.

Smaug evangeline golding7 hours ago

That is not what a coup is, buddy. ;)

Don Spilman9 hours ago

This Corbin creep needs to be brought up on sedition! What a nasty fool! Where are the real Brits? I sure hope there are some with Saxon blood still. Look up the poem: The wrath of the awakened Saxon !!!!!

badu • 

Anti Semitism is a strange disease. I do not believe that it is entirely due to envy of Jewish ability and achievements or that the Jews are in any way inferior or more evil than any other nation. If fact to the contrary, Jews have demonstrated that they are vastly superior in many ways to other nations and their good Samaritan ways should be emulated. I believe it is the work of Satan and that the spirit of Satan is out their lurking among the nations of the world and deceiving them. "and the great dragon was thrown down who is called the Devil and Satan who DECEIVES THE WHOLE WORLD." (Revelations))

Tom badu9 hours ago

Not quite correct. Not a disease. It is spiritual warfare make no mistake.

Grace Joy Tom9 hours ago

Fakestinians, Na zis, black Hebrew Israelites, etc., all claim to be the "true" Israelites descended from one Lost Tribe or another. Allah sent the quran to Mo because the J ews & Chrstians had "corrupted" their books, k illed their prophets, & worshipped the golden calf. The purpose of Is lam is to punish & replace the J ewish People.

Ultimately, they all want to be the "chosen;" & if they were the "chosen," they would ensl ave the world. It is projection whatever Evil they speak against the J ews.

Mark Popyack badu9 hours ago

The "Jews" are supreior and that is why everybody is jelious of them.

Yitzchak Kaduri Messiaan hour ago

the Qur'an has ordered the genocide of the human genus starting from Israel
@MCFideMaster Is it true that the Koran speaks four times to leaving Israel alone?
il Corano ha ordinato di fare il genocidio del Genere umano iniziando da Israele
Yitzchak Kaduri Messiaan hour ago

jeremy Corbyn i mussulmani buoni Hamas

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

Jeremy Corbyn, the head of the British Labor Party, ie Pd scam Bilderberg] but [if our Muslims Hizbullah hamas cult: they are good Muslims, how dangerous and lethal all Muslim hypocrites of ALL ARABA are?these are only one ISIS shariah of Nazi Islamic genocide

Jeremy Corbyn, the head of the British Labour Party, ie Pd scam Bilderberg ] ma [ se i nostri mussulmani hezbollah hamas culto: sono i mussulmani buoni, quanto possono essere pericolosi e letali tutti i mussulmani cattivi ipocriti di tutta la LEGA ARABA?
questi sono un solo ISIS shariah di genocidio islamico nazista

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI2 hours ago

Putin Bolscevico figli DiPuttana

Lorenzojhwh UniusREI2 hours ago

henri lewkowicz
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Lorenzojhwh UniusREI3 hours ago

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Vladimir sovietico PUTIN gulag bolscevico lager KGB laogai URSS non puoi proteggere un assassino Erdogan Boia Maduro, fermalo
Sei venuto da me?

Jorge5 hours ago

Jew hatred is a disease that destroys the brain[self hating Jews included], Corbyn is the perfect example to that fact

Russell Lang5 hours ago

Corbyn is a communist/globalist with all the evil ways these ideologies bring to free and democratic societies. He is a twisted brain damaged product of the pot smoking, drug experimenting socialist/Marxists of the 60's. The Labour party has become an extreme left socialist party and if this man ever gets the Premiership, The already leaky Britain will go down like the Titanic.

Pedro Rabaçal8 hours ago

So, a party with anti-semitic issues supports a jew-hating terrorist islamic group...
How coerent they are...

Metatrona8 hours ago

Naturally, he opposed the ban! Those are his best friends!

Nicole Chaplain-Pearman8 hours ago

This guy needs to be put in a straitjacket and frogmarched off to the loony bin! If he doesn't realise that under Hezbollah's rule women would be denied all rights and enslaved, LGBTQetc. people would be DEAD and anybody not Muslim, or even not Muslim ENOUGH would be enslaved or dead, he's not firing on all cylinders. A lot of longtime Labour supporters in the UK have left the party due to how unhinged it's become in the last 10 to 15 years!

Mike8 hours ago

A true friend of Israel would oppose Hezbolah. Ergo, is this any big surprise?

Robert Khalifa8 hours ago

Why doesn't that Corbyn @#$% say it in so many words "I want Hezbollah murderers to be Members of the British Parliament" ? So far, a number of members of the Labour Party have resigned from that party because they do no longer want to be members of what used to be an honorable decent party. Hopefully, with time, the rest of the members will follow suit and quit.

Norm10 hours ago

Are there enough votes with the other party & independants to pass the bill ?

rabbimfriedman@yahoo.com9 hours ago

Again, boycott British all products that involves Labour union workers!

George Parker rabbimfriedman@yahoo.com9 hours ago

Not even all the Labour party MP's like him.

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia6 minutes ago

The Lebanese president Michel Aoun said this yesterday after meeting in Beirut the high representative of the EU for foreign and security policy Federica Mogherini. EU prevents Syrian refugees from returning home
ha detto ieri il presidente libanese Michel Aoun dopo aver incontrato a Beirut l’alto rappresentante dell’Ue per la politica estera e la sicurezza Federica Mogherini. UE impedisce il ritorno a casa dei profughi siriani

Efram Paul2 hours ago

Der furhrer objects? BIG surprise!

lucifer692 hours ago

Corbyn will be the end of the Labor party.

Frances Weingarten2 hours ago

The only people Corbyn really hates are Jews. Terrorist groups like Hezsbollah fall into his ready-to-work-with group. It's possible that he also has a strong liking for the dregs of society, like Hezbollah and their ilk.

szotar4 hours ago

What an absolute blight of a person. I can't wait till this Neville Chamberlain wannabe dies; it cannot be too soon.

garybkatz5 hours ago

"Wrong Way Corbyn" always falls on the wrong side of Western civilization, morality and history. This is just his latest myopia.

Nicole Chaplain-Pearman8 hours ago

P.S. Would any and all of you on this comment page who do pray, PLEASE pray that this wing nut NOT become the next British P.M.!

Mary Maureen Bourque10 hours ago

Corbyn cannot block the bill, can he?

Nart Mary Maureen Bourque6 hours ago

Of course not :)

punch_corona10 hours ago

.. speaks low of the real corby..

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