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shut the fu*k up you faggot !

On Wednesday, November 6, 2013 4:29 PM, l s <> wrote:
[as a Muslim has the rights of a video that exposes the irrationality and aberrations, of the Islamic religion?] [come, un musulmano detiene i diritti, di un video, che, espone le irrazionalità e le aberrazioni, della religione islamica?] [Contronotifica di copyright : Se una parte di questa procedura non ti è chiara, consulta un legale.] Rappresentante: peter maher soliman. Email dell'autore del reclamo:    Autore del reclamo: islamexplainedcom, Mohammed was a False Prophet Wafa Sultan, ID video: Dv8_iew6EuQ Durata8:34 [Counter Notification of copyright: If any part of this procedure you do not understand, consult a lawyer.] Representative: peter maher soliman. Email the author of the complaint: Author of the complaint: islamexplainedcom, Mohammed was a False Prophet Wafa Sultan ID video: Dv8_iew6EuQ Durata8: 34