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RichStJRaw said:"Eh?" - ANSWER-> Solo di recente Dio ha fatto conoscere a me e mi sono reso conto che il terzo tempio ebraico, solo il re di Israele può costruire. Così lorenzojhwh è disponibile, a condividere: regalità e regno, con ogni uomo che si è consacrato alla giustizia e verità -> JHWH Allah non guarda alla vostra religione, ma alla metafisica che è in voi, quindi, molti atei, entrerà in Paradiso, e molti religiosi, saranno cacciati fuori! Il terzo tempio ebraico darà pace e prosperità a tutto il mondo, infatti fortificherà l'identità ebraica e distruggere legalmente, lo Stato di Israele! Tutti coloro che non salire a Gerusalemme per adorare Dio? Sarà punito! Se il tempio ebraico sarà costruito, due TRAGEDIE Mondiali saranno differite! Così, abbiamo capito, lorenzojhwh è il re d'Israele!
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+ hi + Yes! You know, that I, I wish for you the well, the good and that you are precious to me! God bless you! Stay thou, my friend, forever! Do not be afraid of the Holiness of God! God is very inclusive! and very patient! The holiness of God? Him know believe in us! When God loves us, for us, is an investment winner! + hi +
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God is not opposed to sex, in love! Raise the cross! Back to Christ! Few people know that true sexual pleasure, and wonderful sexual harmony, in the pair is a gift of the Holy Spirit! + Se, sei DONNA: brava! + Se, sei femmina, diventa donna! + Se, sei donna, diventa più DONNA! + Se, inizi, solo ora, questo cammino, ti dico: brava! + If, she be WOMAN: good! + If, she be female, becomes a woman! + If, she is women, becomes more WOMAN! + If, beginning, only now, this journey, I say: good! + If females become women, certainly, all the boys, become men and not be more gay! ** all comments of the channel, shall include an explanation, content, and the power of this ministry and secular politician, whom God raised on the world
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All mankind should be reclaimed, culturally and spiritually? This is very easy for me! you knew that Kennedy was killed, because printed, money, free, on behalf of the American people, and not on behalf of Jewish bankers, of bank seigniorage SpA? Why, do not need to kill "lorenzojhwh"? Why, have the control of information of the television (Net Work) all over the world! A deadly conspiracy, comes from banks and of Freemasonry and extends over all the peoples! The only hope is to copy this heart on all the websites!
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[shalom my ♥!] hyrohero1 said: "if we did not (authorities) in the world, it would not have changed etc."-ANSWER-> and we will do the change! again! Others have changed for the worse, but, with the metaphysics of Maritain, we can converse with everyone, in sharing, because: TRUTH is not tell lies; Justice is not doing evil, that you do not want to receive for you! Appeal to the freedom of fighters in the world, "young innocent! Who would not allow you to be free? Only a Tyrant Invisibile, would oppress the people: The Banker jew of bank seigniorage, with its masonry! Him, think and acting as Satan, for his New World Order, and its inevitable 3rd World War nuclear imminent! "lorenzojhwh" is now the only and only solution to everything! And I say to the world: get ready to take it all in the ass! You have betrayed God in many ways, and now you can not hope for anything good, because the earth is full of crimes and of injustices!
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Some have believed the lies of religion, and now their, believe that God wants us poor. For the most avid (true lovers of God) Concerning investment for eternal life, is a multiplication immediate (ther are 2500 biblical blessings = 2000 biblical blessings: economic, social, health + 500 biblical blessings: moral, spiritual) for who wants most, right now, "One hundred times as much! The Holiness is suitable to you "rhyker2u" because you are very ambitious as St. Francis of Assisi! Father good God? As his children would poor? We would all very rich, if the banker jew of seigniorage and if the Masons , had not stolen anything! To them everything and anything to us! Have not even seen the truth that people do not have the right to know the meaning of seigniorage banking. God, in truth, you want all rich, very rich, rich as it is "lorenzojhwh".
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Why, do not need to kill "lorenzojhwh"? Why, have the control of information of the television (Net Work) all over the world! A deadly conspiracy, comes from banks and of Freemasonry and extends over all the peoples! The only hope is to copy this heart on all the websites!
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Since, at the time of its adoption, do not specify, who is the owner of the money. Legally, any bank loan is invalid! For Contract, any bank debt is invalid! Therefore, "lorenzojhwh" as the first, metaphysical President, Human Gender, with the legal value of June 25 2009: 1) states, zero debt and any sum claimed by the banks. 2) Intima, the banks themselves, to return confiscated property. 3) Order, the killing of bank seigniorage, as is the crime of injured majesty. 4) states, criminal Freemasonry and all secret organization. 5) Order, to all States and municipalities to print in their own local currency and national levels. He, lorenzojhwh personally credits for free, to every subject his brother in the world, the sum of 40,000 auriti (international currency) You are with God and God be with you! Spread to poor countries
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JHWH-Allah 25-06-09]The involvement of all governments and religions with the Jewish Masonic lobby banking:is in all for a single World Government(NWO)!Now all the power banking will be of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed System SpA)for the disposal of Obama. Kennedy wanted to stamp out seigniorage money lender of Fed SpA to restore the sovereignty of American people but signed however his death sentence when the 4June1963 issued the Executive Order11110 that prevented the FedSpA to lend money to wear to the U.S. but Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 (all governments of world?Silence!)and all the money he issued were?Withdrawn!Other men close to JF Kennedy?Murdered! His political opponent Lyndon B Johnson became president.The Executive Order 11110 was forgotten those U.S. dollars?Withdrawn! because very few understood for the manipulation of the media.Now after the crime of State 11/09 everything is possible in the world!The anguish of the people is a legitimate feeling!