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LordGaemma SAID:"This symbol is a symbol of resistance. Don´t believe everything they say, that is the right idea for the search for the origin of men. I do not say in any of my words that they shall whorship satan, i tell them only to ask and to be against the catholic church...but ye won´t believe me, because i speak the truth...
St. John 8:45. --ANSWER->Stefan who you are the horns? Even if you want me to lie I do not have difficulty in believing what he says to me, because God can not be fooled! I see something bad in your life! The fact that you are an atheist, I have no problems! Atheists are fine to me! But if you promise me, that takes away the negative that I see in you. and that is in your heart. I will be your friend now! You should be more positive now!
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"We believe that man in any situation, under any system in any state has the task to be man and his fellow man to the realization of the human condition to help."(Ulrike Meinhof)
"Wir glauben, dass der Mensch in jeder Situation, unter jedem System, in jedem Staat die Aufgabe hat, Mensch zu sein und seinen Mitmenschen zur Verwirklichung des Menschseins zu helfen."(Ulrike Meinhof)
"Noi crediamo che l'uomo in ogni situazione, in ogni sistema in ogni Stato ha il compito di essere l'uomo e il suo uomo per la realizzazione della condizione umana per aiutare". (Ulrike Meinhof)
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Son of man, I will send you at the children of Israel. To a race of rebels who have turned against me. They and their fathers, were raised against me, until today. Those to whom I send you, are children stubborn and of the hardened hearts. You tell them, 'says the Lord God. "Listen listen or not - because they are a rebel Genia, - at least will know that a prophet, is in their midst -> Ezechiele 2,2
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god bless you brother..may the love of god protect your every step
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netta2158 said: "Curious ... why do you quote everyone? what is your purpose in doing this?" - ANSWER-> lorenzojhwh promote the good even if it were the devil! lorenzojhwh is a gift of God to all mankind, because lorenzojhwh is the King of Israel, the protector of all mankind! Glory to God! Alleluia! Shalom! Salam! Blessings!
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The owners of the world? They are not masters of their lives! -> Interpreted this as a threat! For all the evil men of: seigniorage banking, freemasonry, criminals, perfidious, perverse, rebellious, profane, rebels thieves, murderers, swindlers, selfish, cynical, cruel, proud, unjust. For those that: 1 preempted with their power the poor; 2 stifle justice: harmdoers; 3 deny the truth: liars; 4 usurped the right of peoples, and accumulated great wealth and power are destroying the dignity and the equality of men and stifle the right to freedom of religion. The owners of the world? They are not masters of their lives! -> Interpreted this as a threat!
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This is why I use the Bible. Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Jesus told the Jews to search the scriptures.

The owners of the world? They are not masters of their lives! -> Interpreted this as a threat!
[1/2 with the contribution of gwap360] The sons of Shem are now known as Semites and this family includes - Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Cartheginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews and Phoenicians .--> Yes! Remember, these seven nationalities are all originally from the same family: "And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech." Most people who claim to seek truth really only want confirmation of those things they already believe. Truth would require that they abandon their "comfort zones" and do something practical - to make real change in their lives.Truth can not stand on authorites and I leave you to your own conclusions to accept or reject, as these truths seem to appeal to you. Do not accept because I say so. Do not reject because my statements are not in accord with recognized science. Only the naive still believe that one can find truth in a public library:
[2/2 with the contribution of gwap360] is very much like standing in front of a movie set at Paramount Studios. Because of a need for human engineering [planned by the true masters of the Worlds= the bank seigniorage and Masonic SpA] what one sees is illusion. When searching for "truth" one should sneak into their National Archives and rummage through the actual documents. Also, get help from experts in ancient languages. This is like being behind a movie set at Paramount Studios. Freemasons, Masons were those who were assigned and [deprived, the constitutional prerogatives, have formed a secret society and employed the State Constitution through a silent coup of the rich] the human engineering task of creating a New World Order, on behalf of the Mandan Troglodytes, the world's original priesthood (men who dress as women).

il 06-07-09 tre ragazzi "orribili", hanno chiesto scusa a lorenzojhwh ed hanno rimosso i simboli satanici. volgarità e porno, perché: 1-su youtube ci sono molti bambini! 2-scenda in loro: pace, gioia e libertà! Tutti i ragazzi devono essere: belli, positivi, felici, ottimisti, amarsi ed avere una speranza per il loro futuro. Questo è possibile per la potenza atea della metafisica fondata sui valori razionali e UNIVERSALI della GIUSTIZIA e della VERITÀ! Dio non obbliga alla religione, ma ha detto: "ritenetevi servi inutili" e "non chi dice: "Signore!"ma soltanto quelli che fanno la volontà del Padre mio saranno salvati!" Nessuna violenza deve essere fatta sulla religione che se non è amore diventa un incubo come è il satanismo. lorenzojhwh offre la sua amicizia senza condizioni a tutti perché Dio è the LORD of Lords(noi) and the KING of Kings(noi)! Anche tu, sarai Re e Signore come lorenzojhwh che è il Re di Israele!

06-07-09 -> three boys "horrible," have apologized to lorenzojhwh and removed, Satanic symbols. vulgarity and porn, because: 1 - on youtube there are many children! 2 - go into them, peace, joy and freedom! The boys must be: beautiful, positive, happy, optimistic, love, and have a hope for their future. This is possible through the power atheist, of metaphysics, based on values, rational and universal, of justice and truth! God does not require, religious belief, but said: "ritenetevi unworthy servants" and "not those who say:" Lord, "but only those who will do the (works) of justice of my Father, will be saved!" No violence must be made on religion, if that is not love and freedom, becomes a nightmare, as Satanism. Indeed, God is the LORD of Lords (us) and the King of Kings (us)! You too, will be King and Lord, as lorenzojhwh who is the King of Israel!