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Of course, even the Satanists are religious but of the worst kind. The men have denied God for to choose Satan? That is a smart choice? but to who seems like a smart choice? The Animals, you spit in your face, because none of them falls into the debauchery with you! Are Depraved even your politicians! | | | | | | | | |
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LMFAO, Religious phsychos just never quit do they?
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Marduk n : the chief Babylonian god; his consort was Sarpanitu [syn: {Merodach}, {Baal Merodach}, {Bel-Merodach}]
marrano = n : (medieval Spain) a Jew or Moor who converted to Christianity (especially those who professed conversion in order to avoid persecution but continued to practice their religion secretly)
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_______♥♥♥♥JHWH♥♥♥♥but when Adam decided to become a Satanist
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Yeshua777 SAID: "Re: against Jehovah's Witnesses -> I know this people are just creating false doctrines, I agree with you" - ANSWER -> Shalom Blessings! JESUS is real! --> n : a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth; his life and sermons form the basis for Christianity (circa 4 BC - AD 29) [syn: {Jesus of Nazareth}, {the Nazarene}, {Jesus Christ}, {Christ}, {Savior}, {Saviour}, {Good Shepherd}, {Redeemer}, {Deliverer}
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666demonicspawn666 SAID: "Tell me this, why do you care?Christianity is suppose to speak peace understanding forgiveness and tolerance. Of course you are an ignorant hypoctitic fool who thinks he has the right to speak gods will for him. If anyones being blastphemous or evil its you. -ANSWER-> The Satanists have raped and eaten too many my sisters in Christ as I can forget them? Rather for your fault I prophesied the destruction in the name of Jesus against all the powerful of the world! Amen! Alleluia! In reference to your slander about me, the measure of God's wrath, is already filled for you and you can add anything more!drink your poisons made by yourself. Stop Satan! Go! I impose to you to leave the human race!
Terror takes possession of the sons of darkness. God has dedicated to the slaughter When your carrion is dissolved what remains? CSPBC SSMLNDS MDVRSN SMVSM QLIVB
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Names of God: 1 - ELOIM is a plural word but the verb (created Barà) is singular. The Hebrew HAS: singular dual and plural. Then we have: a single entity in most PERSON. 2 - JHWH that Jews could not pronounce and that even a pagan would not read it JEWS (smart) added the consonance of (Adonai = Lord) on JHWH tetragrammaton. Then Jehovah is the name that the Jews have invented not to say the true name of God to the Pagans. Thus even without manipulation of the text it is incomprehensible to the Gentiles. In fact we have the vowels of Adonai combined with consonants JHWH of these together but do not mean anything. Jehovah then does not mean anything!
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lorenzojhwh has always talked cordially with Jehovah's Witnesses, but only by one of their videos on youtube has learned that for them Jesus is the archangel Michael. Basically for them Jesus is neither God nor man but it is an angel who has done pretending to be a man! One is free to believe whatever he wants but why not say so immediately? Want to hear from you dear friends you know the truth of their religion? lorenzojhwh ha sempre parlato cordialmente con i Testimoni di Geova ma solo da un loro video, su youtube ha appreso la loro fede: per loro, Gesù è l'arcangelo Michele! Sostanzialmente, per loro, Gesù non è ne uomo, e neanche Dio, ma è un angelo, che ha fato finta di essere uomo. Uno è libero di credere quello che vuole, ma perché non dirlo subito? A voi, hanno detto subito, la verità della loro religione?
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An evil eye? Sees only the bad things!It is not throwing the child with dirty water where did the bathroom?If God had not seen in a religion more of those bad things of good things?This would certainly destroyed!How has systematically destroyed Satanism in the history of mankind.It is not necessary to believe in Satan for to be a Satanist! Satanism is a selfish egocentric mentality (not metaphysical)is a criminal available to which all: Masons bankers and political accomplices of seigniorage banking, are coals for the fiery furnace!So many people today belong to Satanism: instinctively culturally.Because it embodies many of his inspirations, not only regard the man regarded as an animal.But as they live like animals and say that, descend from animals: while not having the evidence!But,in fact,are worse than animals which would never what they are doing them! Many religious fanatics and Chinese Communists are Satanists if they not respect the freedom of religion.
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"Oriedo" talk of religion not relevant for me. Lorenzojhwh knows God personally and lives with him, a relationship continues, without interruption. This is in terms of: 1 - intuitiveness 2 - Word of God: Bible! Faith is not a religious belief. Faith is power in action! Faith is the power output, a relationship impossible that occurs between different dimensions is like the force of love which takes into real contact, two people who can not see, but who know how to communicate. because have found a way to communicate. Me and God, we are a team. Yet, we can bet on anything, that does not exist in the world, one person more rational lorenzojhwh of metaphysics in fact the best is the product of an atheist ideology! Mr Oriedo, If you do not understand this you can not understand lorenzojhwh, the king of Israel. Him is, to the world as a politician interlocutor. Only about thinking of an atheist with the love of a believer may well speak in this way