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The bad by this! "lorenzojhwh"tells in the name of JesusJHWH and for the destruction of Satanic symbols SpA Freemasonry political seigniorage banking:1fire in soul 2food is harmful 3dishonor shame diseases Divorce 4depression obsessions infestation 5cloak of lead on the soul Woe to you who now you are in the wrong place and wrong time.Elijah is back and you'll need to get off with him the river Kison where you will be executed: drink your poisons made by yourself. Stop Satan! Go! I impose to you to leave the human race! Go to bottom prisoner beast in your hell!Blessed now the friends of God and all men honest and industrious! Blessed are the poor and all the works of justice! TALITAKUMI Resurrect humanity all from your shame!I order every spirit:antichrist pride slavery blindness:GO! Terror takes possession of the sons of darkness. God has dedicated to the slaughter When your carrion is dissolved what remains?CSPBC SSMLNDSMD VRSNSMVSM QLIVB
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Son of man, I will send you at the children of Israel. To a race of rebels who have turned against me.
They and their fathers, were raised against me, until today. Those to whom I send you, are children stubborn and of the hardened hearts. You tell them, 'says the Lord God. "Listen listen or not - because they are a rebel Genia, - at least will know that a prophet, is in their midst -> Ezechiele 2,2
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If the Israelis had obeyed to what JHWH says in the Bible, would have built the temple and would have saved many of their tragedies. Certainly, they would have avoided the war in Lebanon, because I have written before the embassy in Italy! Israel without JHWH? But this is a monstrosity!
Maybe for them it is easier to make war than that to build the temple of JHWH? Maybe they have weapons free / free of the uncle of seigniorage American bank? While the money for the Temple of them should put their pocket? Jews, Rabbis: I love yours! do not worry! For the Temple of JHWH worldwide all are proud to put the money! lorenzojhwh sees invisible clouds that are gathering again over Israel! So expect that? Wait maybe another war?
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brother BereanBeacon the fact, that I seem so secular, almost an atheist, right before your eyes precious fills me with joy and pride, because contrary to what you say, characteristic of my not to speak continually quoting verses from the Bible is the secret of my charm! Behind my Harshness and violence, in fact, what we understand so sweet Is the hidden face Merciful and compassionate God!
I also believe that the Satanists have understood this.
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God bless you, my brother..
BereanBeacon (2 giorni fa)

I am sorry about that stupid question. All your articles will never change a single heart. because without Jesus Christ people cannot change,

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2Corinthians 5:17
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gwap360 said: "your drunk on religion!" - ANSWER-> You, What you drink? Perhaps it is more dirt! All men today: civil, religious, politicians, administrators, as the sheep to head down like sheep but if the head with their look at the top would, certainly The Executioner jew of bank seigniorage, the great usurer of International Monetary Fund, they may see and would then maybe, God would see to them
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Says Jewish pastor Benny Hinn: "The price of failure is greater than the price of success" (in this dark time) You can not understand the Christianity if you do not follow his teachings. Shouts to the world: "I rise the Cross!" If you're Christian you become a child of God in Christ you will have the same divine nature and the angels will worship you. God put on your head a crown similar to that of the Virgin Mary and she will be proclaimed "Queen of the angels." Believe she do that? God has linked his prize: not the sin not by works but in the faith! If you believe it certainly will get! If you're an operator of justice will then be at the same level of angels! With our love we can still give hope to all men of our generation. What will happen after us it is not our responsibility.I can promise you of course for health and a long life in the name of Jesus! Fear not! Exit the fire of hatred and enter into fire of love. VenusSatanas My love come to me!